Creating Mohr Value

Written by mattmohr on . Posted in Mohr News

(or “why i did it”)

Mohr & Associates was created to deliver a higher level of service and value to people who have trusted me with their business.  I have been fortunate to work on the client side and on the agency side. This perspective gave me the insight to understand what clients need now more than ever- value.

Doing great work should be a given. Doing great work efficiently is what we are focused on. How many times have we heard, “Why does it take so long and why does it cost so much?” The answer to that is the number of hands that touches a project can be as many as five in a small agency or eight or more in a larger one. We have become accustomed to hiring an agency based on the person or persons who pitch us the business then the project get handed down to less qualified personnel. You are paying for personnel that you never see, some who may not even work directly on your business.

At Mohr & Associates you deal directly with the person you trust. Our arsenal of highly qualified and experienced associates will use our expertise to deliver great work, but you only pay for what you need and for the people who work directly on your business. You can’t afford to have waste in your business and neither can we.

Welcome to the agency model you’ve been waiting for, but shouldn’t have had to.


Matt Mohr